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PROOF! Shungite's MEDICAL Benefits Validated in Peer-Reviewed Articles, Backed by Consensus & AI.

'I delve into the scientifically verified benefits of Shungite, debunking myths and confirming its potential through Consensus, a powerful AI tool that analyzes information from over 200 million published articles.
🔍 Highlights of Today’s Video:
* Verified Benefits: I'll share how my personal experiences with Shungite align with what's documented in peer-reviewed research.
* Consensus in Action: Watch as I use Consensus to transparently navigate vast amounts of scientific data, confirming the efficacy of Shungite in medical and technological applications.
🎓 My Expert Insight:
* With a background in radiology, nuclear medicine, and pharmacology, I am uniquely positioned to interpret and explain the complex scientific data supporting Shungite’s health benefits.
💬 Combatting Misinformation:
* Debunking Myths: I address common misconceptions about Shungite found on mainstream platforms and compare them against verified scientific research.
* Leveraging AI for Truth: Through real-time demonstrations with Consensus, I prove the health claims surrounding Shungite, highlighting the discrepancies between generalized information sources and specialized scientific studies.
Interact and Engage:
* Discussion and Discovery: Join the conversation in the comments below and share your own experiences or questions about Shungite.
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🔗 Support and Shop: For high-quality, tested Shungite products, visit my website at Ensure you’re getting the best for your health directly from a trusted source.
Thank you for joining me on this enlightening journey through the world of Shungite. Keep questioning, keep learning, and don’t forget to support the channel for more investigative content that sheds light on the truth behind health innovations.

Does Shungite Really Block Radiation? I ask AI To Research 200 million Published Academic Articles

'In this video, I do a search on ChatGPT 4.0 Consensus to see if there are published peer-reviewed scientific articles to see if there's truth to my claims that Shungite is effective in blocking EMF Radiation.

🔬 Here's What I Found Out:

Up-to-Date Research: This is a 2021 (recent) study.

Takeaway: Even thin plates of shungite compare impressively with thicker synthetic materials. What makes shungite stand out? It's all about its exceptional composition of conductive carbon meshed with dielectric mineral inclusions.
📡 Why It Matters:
In our tech-driven world, electromagnetic radiation is everywhere. From smartphones to Wi-Fi routers, understanding how to mitigate exposure is more crucial than ever. My solution, Shungite Cell Plates, offers a proven method of reducing harmful damage from EMF radiation.

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Shungite EMF vs Multimeter Tests

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